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Arkansas Horseshoeing School (AR)


Five Star Horseshoeing School (OK)


Kentucky Horseshoeing School (KY)


"  Kentucky Horseshoeing School strives to provide the highest quality tools to their students. It is our philosophy that an investment in quality pays off—both in the quality of education and the quality of tool. Nature Farms tool boxes have proven to be the best box for our students.  Their boxes provide the highest quality construction, with high functionality at a very reasonable price.  Additionally, Nature Farms has provided extraordinary customer service to us throughout our relationship. I personally recommend these boxes to anyone looking to improve their daily function. You won’t find a better quality:value product on the market.

     Mitch Taylor, CJF, AWCF

     Owner, Kentucky Horseshoeing School, Inc  "

Oklahoma State Horseshoeing School (OK)


Sheridan College- Farrier Science (WY)

Hocking College- Farrier Science & Business (OH)


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