2020 HAS BEEN ONE – – – – OF A YEAR!!!!!

Just when Nolan & I think that we have just about seen or lived a little bit of everything… then comes 2020…

We heard something about some BUG when we were in Chattanooga at the Farriers Convention…

We had been all over Nashville (during Spring Break) in between the Classic Competition and Convention then we flew back to Oklahoma with Patrick Dutton and Mackinzie Lawson.

We were welcomed back home to the NEWS of Covid 19!!! What to do next??????????????

We had a family/store meeting and after much discussion, thought and prayer decided Nolan and I should probably self-quarantine until the dust settled from this mess. Well, it got even more interesting when the 3 Grandkids joined us in quarantine because of their school shut down to distant learning.

Nature Farms was an essential business, so this meant Pete and Dorothy would operate the whole shooting match for over a month (one re-set cycle lol). They put hand sanitizer out and made masks available (BUT NOT REQUIRED) and kept the ship afloat in excellent fashion! Their hard work and dedication were appreciated by more people than they will ever realize.

While they were working their tails off, we were digging fishing worms, planting a garden, and LEARNING HOW TO GET 3 KIDS ON A ZOOM MEETING with their distance learning teacher at the SAME TIME!!

We were all extremely happy to get back together and start trying to figure out what our new normal would be. We have been pleasantly surprised to see that our farriers for the most part have been able to continue their schedules without being greatly affected. Pete and Dorothy decided the best plan of action for the kids would be to do 100% distance learning which meant setting up a classroom. God had been so gracious to previously provide nice desks and a perfect foyer for a classroom. They stock shelves, fill the customers water chest and ride scooters on their recesses.

We have learned over the last 11 years that if you cannot bend you will most likely break, with Gods help we find our new normal daily.

One of our best normal things is that we are blessed everyday when we get to spend time with our Farrier family and with each other.

We look forward to a great 2021 and wish the absolute best of the New Year to everyone!