*****GOODBYE 2021***** *****HELLO 2022****

Every new year is an opportunity to lay the previous year to rest, a chance to set new goals, and the opportunity to meet new farrier families.

Even though 2021 was full of challenges going on in our nation, we are blessed.  Despite everything we were able to stay open and meet the needs of our farrier families.  At the end of 2021, we gained three new employees: Kathy, Jon, and James.  James helps where needed: sales, product assembly and computers.  Jonathan is a blessing that in his spare time he can come and help when needed.  Kathy is our office help and wears many different hats: bookkeeper, answering service, and homeschool assistant

We also have started being able to fulfill back orders on our Cobra’s and complete our end of year inventory.  So, despite 2021 we have all managed to maintain our health. We enjoyed attending the 2021 Convention in Arlington, TX.   It was a blessing to be there amongst our farrier family.  SO…GOODBYE 2021!!!

Hello, 2022!!!   We have high expectations this year.

We have been able to start knocking out more Cobra boxes., even with the supply shortages.  We are looking forward to seeing all our farrier family and meeting new ones in this growing and wonderful industry.

Because of the challenges last year Pete and Dorthoy have decided to homeschool the children.  We are thankful Kathy brings homeschooling experience and the children are enjoying being homeschooled.  What a blessing the farrier world has given us as a company, to be able to have such an opportunity with our children.